Better sale than sorry

Pilot episode, part 2
Sir John will see you now.
Regina/Spinward Marshes
"Sir John will see you now."

Transferring Riesling Downport the announcement system called out:

Xerces Dur, Rayce Dyllan and Lowen Willcraft, please go to the nearest information terminal, you have a personal message waiting for you.

as our heroes are transferring true the passenger terminus of Riesling downport on Kinorb .

They are all requested to go to the local office of S.A.T. lic for a personal meeting with Sir John McKiernan, head of the S.A.T. lic office on KINORB/Riesling Downport.

At the meeting they gain information about potential anti-imperial groups working out of DENTUS, the group is trying to fire up anti-imperial waves in the Regina sector and is rumored to be based in an abandoned mining site.

All current mission information can be found on the mission/tasks page.

Pilot episode, part 1
Green is good, I like green!
Regina/Spinward Marshes
"And we go live to you Lowen"

The team find them selves amongst the ruins, in a firefight with a few lightly armed enemies.
Xerces and Rayce takes up the fight as Lowen takes cover and start to record the combat in his characteristic fashion.
Rather quickly the team gets two of the enemy out of action while the third tries stays to perhaps rescue his fallen comrades. At the same time, the last two enemies, retreats in a orderly fashion to a safe distance and out of sight.

While Rayce makes a circling advancement to perhaps catch the bad guys in the side or back, Xerces keeps the closest three under fire.

This is the situation as we go back in time to the beginning of the story.