Better sale than sorry

Pilot episode, part 2

Sir John will see you now.

Regina/Spinward Marshes
"Sir John will see you now."

Transferring Riesling Downport the announcement system called out:

Xerces Dur, Rayce Dyllan and Lowen Willcraft, please go to the nearest information terminal, you have a personal message waiting for you.

as our heroes are transferring true the passenger terminus of Riesling downport on Kinorb .

They are all requested to go to the local office of S.A.T. lic for a personal meeting with Sir John McKiernan, head of the S.A.T. lic office on KINORB/Riesling Downport.

At the meeting they gain information about potential anti-imperial groups working out of DENTUS, the group is trying to fire up anti-imperial waves in the Regina sector and is rumored to be based in an abandoned mining site.

All current mission information can be found on the mission/tasks page.



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