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Calling all Travellers bound for excitement and adventure in the Spinward Marshes.

This is an automated mail from the TAS (Travellers Aid Society) in response to your booking an inter-world travel with us.

Our booking system have the information that you will be traveling with us. And this seems to be via a booking agency, Spinward Adventure Travels LIC.

As this is your first inter-world travel with us, you also have been signed up as a member of TAS. This membership requires certan information to be stored with us.
In the booking information we only received the racial information, your booked passage level and your final boarding place.

Passage level booked:       Medium Passage
Final boarding station:     KINORB/Regina(Spinward Marshes) 0602 A663659-8
Final destination:          DENTUS/Regina(Spinward Marshes) 0601 C979500-A

best regards

Lector J.N. Svensk

Master of records TAS member service
Head of JTAS:Spinward Marshes

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