Regina A788899-C

Regina is a sizable moon circling the gas giant, Assiniboia. Homeworld of Archduke Norris and subsector capital, it is one of the most significant frontier worlds. Situated relatively near the border of the Zhodani Consulate and the Federation of Arden, Regina has been the site chosen for an ongoing series of diplomatic talks aimed at improving the Domain’s foreign relations.

System details
Information about the Regina system can be found here.

Regina was originally settled in 75 by an expansion wave of the Third Imperium. It soon became a trade center within the Spinward Marches, and was established capitol of its subsector when it joined the Imperium in 250.
Second Frontier War- Baron Caranda was left in control of Regina to cement its ties to the Imperium. Because of his services in the war, he was elevated to the rank of Marquis. In 629 he was also made duke of the newly created Duchy of Regina.

Social details
This subsector capital is an impersonal bureaucracy. The government has three branches of government of which the judicial branch is most prominent. The judiciary is several councils, the executive is an elite council, and the legislative branch is demos.
With its law level of 9, and an impersonal bureaucratic court system, being arrested on Regina is unpleasant to say the least. Suspects are rounded up en masse when a crime has been committed, and it may be weeks after a trial has convicted one of them before the rest are finally cleared. Meanwhile, those arrested must report their whereabouts and activities to the police every two hours. Notwithstanding this inconvenience, trials are usually fair.

The executive branch consists of four persons chosen by lot. Each year, four citizens are chosen at random to share the over-sight of the government’s administration. Each has veto power over the other, providing a check against tyranny at the cost of inefficiency and no small degree of confusion. Once a citizen has served in this capacity, he is ineligible to serve again.

The inhabitants of Regina as a whole make the laws for the world. Specific laws are proposed by the judicial and executive branches, and weekly elections are held to confirm or reject these laws. A complicated computer network is used to conduct these elections, and while in theory every law on the books or newly proposed is voted on, in fact citizens vote only on those laws most important to them. Unfortunately, it is easier to pass a new law than to repeal one. All native-born Reginans are eligible to vote in these plebiscites, with no other restrictions. This means that immigrants never have any voice in the government, but newborn babes, criminals, and the insane do, as long as they have Regina birth certificates.

Local Customs
Reginans believe strongly in a “gleaning custom”, where the lowest class citizens are expected to clean the tailings from a harvested field for much of their food supply.
Other Edit
The 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment, the Duke of Regina’s Own Huscarles- was founded with Imperial Marines. It is still possible for personnel on active Imperial military duty to be temporarily detached for service with this regiment. This is usually a mechanism to provide the regiment with instructors that have current combat experience and training. The regiment has served the Imperium on various planets, in each of the Frontier Wars since it’s establishment.

Regina A788899-C

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